Supporting the LGBT Community in Indianapolis: A Guide for Allies

The LGBTQ Center in Northern Indiana is devoted to promoting LGBTQ+ experiences and inclusion. Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment where every individual is respected, valued, and empowered. We strongly encourage people to come forward and support and interact with members and organizations of the LGBTQ+ community. It is essential that heterosexual allies and loved ones visibly demonstrate their support for the LGBTQ+ community. PFLAG Bloomington Chapter is a national organization that provides support for LGBTQ+ people, as well as their families, friends, and allies.

GATE - The defense of trans, gender, and intersex people in Action is an international advocacy organization that works for justice and equality for trans, gender-diverse, and intersex communities. Student Training & Education in Public Service (STEPS) strives to promote diversity and equal opportunities in education, believing that everyone should have the same opportunities to go to and succeed in college, regardless of their background or financial means. The BSN project works with diverse and underserved communities in terms of mental health, poverty, the homeless, marginalized groups, and older people in the bi+ community. The Indiana TEAP works to create a more favorable state climate to promote the full protection of the LGBTQ community and combat legislation and rhetoric against trans people. Spencer Pride is a volunteer-run community organization that provides programs focused on the LGBTQ+ community for the community of Spencer, Indiana (about 30 minutes' drive from Bloomington), as well as for the larger community in Southern Indiana. OutRight is an international organization with staff in six countries on four continents.

They have a permanent presence at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where they have special consultative status, allowing them to bring to light the concerns of LGBTIQ people around the world. For those looking to support the LGBT community in Indianapolis, there are many ways to do so. Whether it's attending events hosted by local organizations or donating money or time to a cause you believe in, there are plenty of ways to show your support. Additionally, allies can help spread awareness about LGBT issues by talking about them with friends and family or by participating in online conversations. Finally, allies can also help by advocating for LGBT rights at the local level by contacting their representatives or attending rallies or protests.

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