Legal Services for the LGBT Community in Indianapolis

Are you looking for legal services specifically tailored to members of the LGBT community in Indianapolis? Look no further! There are a variety of organizations and resources available to provide legal assistance and support to the LGBT community in Indianapolis. The LGBT Project offers free legal advice, information, and representation to LGBT people throughout Indiana. It works to develop politically conscious leaders who invest in improving themselves and their communities through youth-led campaigns, leadership development programs, and cultural expression. LSC provides confidential and related social legal services to LGBTQ youth, free of charge.

They also offer legal representation in cases of guardianship, emancipation, child abuse and neglect, and school discipline. For information and resources on LGBTQ+ discrimination, contact Lambda Legal's support service. Immigration Equality is a great resource for legal assistance and information related to immigration. If you have legal questions about the LGBTQ+ community, call or email the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

For legal assistance related to name and gender changes, contact the Transgender Legal Defense Education Fund &.If you're thinking about suicide and need immediate help, visit The Trevor Project. District 202 is a community youth center committed to providing social, cultural, and educational opportunities by and for LGBT youth and their friends. Project Q, the youth program at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, provides a safe space for LGBTQ youth and their allies aged 24 and younger. LGBTQ Youth Space is a community host center and mental health program for LGBTQ and like-minded youth ages 13 to 25 who live in Santa Clara County. The Transitional Living Program provides LGBT youth ages 18 to 24 with a safe and comfortable place to live for up to 18 months in dorm-type rooms.

LFC has published a handbook for GLBTQ youth in foster care with a list of resources in New York City and information on legal rights. The Peter Cicchino Youth Project provides legal services to homeless LGBT youth, in foster homes or in the juvenile justice system. The Rashawn Brazell Memorial Scholarship Mentoring Program connects academics with a variety of professionals who have pledged time and support to the Memorial Fund, as well as to the wider community of LGBT people of African descent and their allies. TYFA empowers children and families by partnering with educators, service providers, and communities to develop supportive environments in which gender can be expressed and respected. It builds the infrastructure for a strong LGBTQ community in Alaska through its core programs, including support for youth programs. In conclusion, there are many organizations that provide legal services specifically tailored to members of the LGBT community in Indianapolis. Whether you need help with guardianship, emancipation, child abuse or neglect, school discipline, immigration issues or name/gender changes, there is an organization that can help you.

If you are thinking about suicide or need immediate help, there are also resources available for you.

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