Celebrating the LGBT Community in Indianapolis: A Growing Movement

The city of Indianapolis has a long and proud tradition of honoring the LGBT community. It all began in 1982, when the Greater Indianapolis Gay Business Association (GIGBA) organized a Labor Day picnic in Westlake Park, which was the first event of its kind in the city. This was followed by the inaugural Pride event in 1991, held at the Circle and attended by 3000 people. This event was a major milestone for the LGBTQ community in Indianapolis, as it was the first time they could be visible and celebrate in a public space. Since then, the festival has grown exponentially and now offers numerous entertainment platforms, opportunities and community growth for the LGBTQ community.

Over the past 5 years, attendance has increased steadily, demonstrating that there is a need to build a strong and vibrant community that can come together to celebrate each year. Today, the LGBT community in Indianapolis is flourishing and continues to expand. The annual Pride event is now one of the largest of its kind in the country, and it is a testament to how far the city has come in terms of acceptance and celebration of diversity.

Alana Gholston
Alana Gholston

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